What Income Do I Need To Take From My ARF?

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What income do I need to take from my ARF?

This is a function of what are your living / leisure expenses allied to any other income sources you have such as state pension, rental income etc. The income needed to be drawdown from your ARF can then be established. We feel it is imperative to understand the role of the ARF in the broader context of your retirement plans and income needs. We use a powerful cashflow forecasting tool to plan our client’s income needs for the rest of their lives. By taking the time to do this, we ensure the role of the ARF is understood.

You can take as much as you like but you should only take what you need. Remember income from an ARF is assessable to income tax so there is no point in taking income that you don’t need only to have it taxed. On the other hand, we see many examples of those who are almost afraid to take income for fear they are taking too much.

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