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Maximize Pension Lump Sum

We will ensure that you get the maximum possible tax-free lump from your pension.

ARF Set Up and Restructure

We pride ourselves on providing insightful ARF advice and guidance for those either about to set up a new ARF or for existing ARF holders who may be confused or concerned about their existing ARF arrangements.

Income Tax

We help you understand the income tax implications of all income you may drawdown from your ARF


Understanding your fees is important. We make sure you understand the fees associated with your ARF and in many cases we can secure lower fees for existing ARF holders.

Yearly Review

We believe setting up an ARF is the start of a process and not the end. You will possibly have your ARF as a significant financial asset for the next 20 – 30 years so it’s important you receive valuable ongoing yearly ARF advice. As a result we commit to meeting with our clients a minimum of every 12 months. We feel this level of interaction is important as there are many issues and ongoing decisions that need to be made with your ARF investment. For example, Health, Changes to Family Circumstances, Tax Law Changes, Investment Market Volatility and much more all affect your ARF. At these yearly meetings we review the progress of your ARF and make changes where necessary.

Investment Strategy

All ARF investment funds available to ARF investors work from a standardized industry wide risk rating scale, called the ESMA scale. This allows investors to understand the risk profile of their ARF investment. We have also developed a risk profiling tool for our clients so that we can establish what risk profile suits them best.

Inheritance Tax

We will guide you as to the inheritance tax treatment of your ARF for your next of kin in the event of your death

Income Sustainability

We can show you what level of income drawdown your ARF can sustain during your life. Remember income from an ARF is assessable to income tax so there is no point in taking income that you don’t need only to have it taxed. On the other hand, we see many examples of those who are almost afraid to take income for fear they are taking too much.

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