I have an existing ARF that I am unhappy with, what can I do?

When you originally accessed your pension you may have set up an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF / AMRF) using another Financial Broker or your Bank. We regularly receive contact from people who have existing ARF arrangements but are unhappy or confused about their Approved Retirement Fund. In most cases the reasons we are contacted typically relate to:

  • Excessive Fees
  • Poor or Erratic Investment Performance
  • Lack of Ongoing Advice

There is however a solution to most of these issues:

Excessive Fees? – We can review the fee structure on your existing ARF to see if it is possible to have them reduced.

Poor or Erratic Investment Performance? – We can review the investment funds you have in your ARF and develop a more sustainable suite of funds for you.

Lack of Ongoing Advice? – We commit to meeting with our clients a minimum of every 12 months. We feel this level of interaction is important as there are many issues and ongoing decisions that need to be made with your ARF investment. For example, Health, Changes to Family Circumstances, Tax Law Changes, Investment Market Volatility and much more all affect your income needs.

If you are unhappy, unsure or need some advice and a clear explanation about your existing Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) that you have in place, feel free to contact Joanne on the number or email below.


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