Can I Withdraw An Income From My ARF?

Withdrawing Income From An ARF

You have the option of taking income from the ARF fund as and when you see fit (subject to a minimum of 4% per annum from age 60).

What Happens If I Die?

In December each year you may have to withdraw a certain percentage from your ARF to match Revenue requirements: 4% if you're 60 or over for the full tax year. 5% if you're 70 or over for the full tax year. 6% if you have combined ARF and vested Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSA) assets of €2 million or more, and you're 60 or over for the full tax year. You'll find more information on . It is important to know that any ARF Fund forms part of your estate on death.

Unhappy With Your ARF?

If you have an existing ARF that you are unhappy with,  we can offer you some solutions and advice.

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